Every Day is a Celebration!

Happiness is our birth right and responsibility, we can take proactive steps to welcome it into our lives. Happiness is a gift, not a commodity. Even the poorest have the ability to cultivate and share happiness. There is joy to be found in the small things we take for granted—a smile, a helping hand, a kiss, a wave, a pat on the back, a glass of cool water, a promise kept. Each new day holds out a chance to create a whole new beginning, a sparkling new field of possibilities. At dawn, sweep out the toxic waste of hatred, anger and petty disappointments from your life. Sprinkle the pure waters of prayer on your soul and prepare afresh for a brand-new day. Go peacefully amidst the noise and the haste. Enjoy the sweetness of everyday things.

Celebrate the positive in all interactions. Rest assured that God did not create you for the sole purpose of correcting others or making them unhappy. When we say namaste, we say ‘I bow to the Divine in you’. ‘Vasudeva Kutumbakam’ say, our holy book – the whole world is your family. Imagine the rich network of love you could create, where your children can be nurtured if you believed and practiced this.

The most inexpensive ticket to happiness is not found on makemy trip.com. It is found in helping others and making others happy. You don’t have to visit Aids victims in Africa and make them happy. You can start with your own family, neighbours, cook, cleaner and friends. As the slogan at the Paro Airport in Bhutan says, ‘Gross National Happiness begins with a smile’. So spread happiness like Amul butter on bread. It will stick to your fingers.

Action plan for happiness

• Write a love letter to your parents
• Buy tickets to a music concert and give away some of it.
• Treat yourself to a full moon dinner with loved ones.
• Take your dog to the beach.
• Plant a tree and take care of it (a tree is an oxygen factory).
• Give away seeds. The monsoons are awaiting to make them grow
• Feed the birds. Do God’s work