Create Incubators for Innovation

Mr. Harsh Mariwala, Chairman, Marico Industries, believes his corporate social responsibility is spreading the message of innovation, as the practice of innovation can build the nation. He believes that innovation flourishes in an open, empowering culture, a prototyping culture. ‘We give a new business idea to a team and empower them to implement it. We then remove the escape button.

The idea is first incubated in an incubation cell. They report directly to me for two years. It is dismantled once their role is completed. Each of my product teams identifies their innovation agenda as part of strategic planning.’

We are driven by our concern for the environment, preventive health care and natural good health. To us a customer is a person with constantly rising aspirations. Our suppliers are our partners in business.’

We believe in orbit shifting innovation. To be acceptable, innovation should translate into cash flow. We have experienced that in our company.’