Create A Joyous Team Spirit

The world is just a gymnasium in which we play; our life is an eternal holiday’
-Swami Vivekananda

First install the positive field in your company, where everybody is full of a joyous, ‘Can do’ spirit. This is the ‘field’ in which creativity and innovation works best. Playfulness enhances great ideas.

The environment of creativity is a supportive and nurturing environment, where everyone feels free to play, to be intuitive and bold. It is the environment that encourages people to be creative, silly, to take risks, and to think outside the box. There is around every organization, a field, which is positive or negative. This field begins within the individual.

Each person has within him a field that is positive or negative. The development of an inner field, a mindspace that is positive, is the key to creativity. Continuously developing and pouring in positive emotions creates a positive field within which, a person interacts with others who bring in their own fields. Those who operate in positive fields suffused with love, compassion, laughter, courage and wonder, are likely to be more creative while supporting others to be at their innovative best. In order to present this concept more clearly, I have used the ancient Indian concept of the Navarasas – the nine emotions.

Learning to enhance the positive field and reducing the effect of the negative field is an important part of creativity and innovation. Thinking out of the box is possible only in a positive field. The positive field is sustained by certain tools and behaviour: verbal, tonal and non- verbal. It is a win-win field. Within such a field, all who operate together are enabled and nurtured.

“ The essence of creativity is a willingness to play the fool, to toy with the absurd,only later submitting the stream of ideas to harsh critical judgement. The application of the imagination to the future therefore requires an environment in which to safely reflect, in which novel juxtapositions of ideas can be freely expressed before being critically sifted. We need sanctuaries for the social imagination.”
– Alvin Toffler