Consistent Innovation

Consistent, long-term commitment and long-term implementation is key to making the climate of innovation a way of life. The benefits of an innovation intervention in very early phase are intangible. Long-term top-management participation and commitment is a key to success. A critical mass of participants in a company practicing the innovation tools (IT) is essential to demonstrate financial and process quality impact. Innovation champions are critical to carry through long-term initiatives. Innovation comes from people. Technology is only a tool that may enhance it. People and their invisible minds are keys. Thinking tools are a mechanism to teach creativity. Innovation is a customer-based and employee-respecting philosophy that has benefited many modern organizations. It is also a tool that can shape organizational culture into a happier, more humane, friendly place. Re-innovation or renovation becomes important when an old, traditional company goes into decline. It provides the ‘inflection’ necessary to leapfrog over the downhill phase.