The Nurturing Environment

I really like the use of the fast and furious ‘Kalari tool’, based on the ancient warrior art of India. The use of Indian concepts like the Nava rasa are fascinating. The Tent vs Marble place thinking, is a great metaphor” – Pandia Rajan K, CEO, Ma Foi Ranstad (India and Srilanka), on Innovate! 90 Days To Transform Your Business.

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For any organization to be successful in innovation it needs to provide a nurturing environment.
• Here, a person does not feel the separation between himself and others. He wants others to do as
well as himself.
• He competes only with himself in the search for excellence.
• He acknowledges the champion in everybody.
• The person does not develop a single-minded infatuation with his own ideas but accepts the reality
that others also can have great ideas.
• It is important to understand that we can have a win-win environment. In such an environment,
everyone will be willing to take risks and go through the process of temporary failures.
• He knows that in such an experiment, there are no failures—only feedback.

Instead of pouring knowledge into people’s heads, we need to help them grind a new set of eyeglasses so that they can see the world in a new way.
—J.S. Brown

Characteristics and Practices of a Positive and Productive Team:

• The individuals in the team have a fixed amount of potential energy.
• Each individual uses as much of his energy as is necessary to ensure his emotional survival.
• He tries hard to avoid getting hurt and to lick his wounds or takes revenge if he is hurt.
• Only the balance of energy is available to devote to the task.
• Energy available to the group dramatically improves as the team climate improves.
• More energy is put into achieving goals.
• Less is spent on safeguarding emotional well-being.
• You achieve a team atmosphere where colleagues are a pleasure to work with, the boss is a good guy, there is excitement in the air and laughter too; and success is within hand’s reach.
• The positive field is the foundation of highly productive and innovative teams.

Even objects have consciousness and respond to the caring touch.
—Mirra Alfassa

Development Tools
Development through creativity requires a deep understanding of the subject, firm conviction that it

Actions That Make You Creative

Learning from mistakes
Be Paraphrase
Be attentive
Stay loose until rigor counts
Be interested
Protect vulnerable beginnings
Show approval
Take on faith
Give early support
Temporarily suspend disbelief
Eliminate status/rank
Assume it can be done
Be optimistic
Share the risk
See the value in
Set up win/wins
Focus on what is going for the idea
Make it ‘no lose’
Assume valuable implications
Support confusion/ uncertainty
Take responsibility for understanding
Acknowledge credit
Waste no energy evaluating early