The 90 Day Plan

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Why are 90 days so important?

Anything that you do for 90 days, every day, becomes a habit. Ninety days the time span used by the swift software industry to measure their output. For corporate warriors, it defines the time for a quality review. Projects are closed in 90 days. Feedback is given every 90 days.
While this concept is not new, it’s surprising how long people think it takes to get results from any endeavor. Our society is full of people who have extravagant goals but don’t necessarily want to put in the time that it would take to establish a base. We want the quick fix that requires no work. Yet at the same time, we don’t necessarily look at how soon our results can pay off. Many times we think that success is equivalent to years of hard work. That’s not true at all. You can measure your goals in smaller increments too.
There’s a rule in business called the 90-day rule. It says: Whatever you do today, you’ll see the benefits 90
days from now. If you wonder why your business is floundering now, look back and see what you were doing 90 days ago. The way to have a good business is always to be working 90 days ahead. This is how you can make sure your business plan pays off.

This is 100 per cent true for just about anything. If you’re not thinking about where you want to be 90 days from now, you’ll never end up there. By putting the work in and doing what has to be done today, you’re ensuring success 90 days down the road.

Read the book, discover for yourself the 90-day, action-packed plan to help you capture the innovation dream castles and put foundations under them. If you are tired of hearing exhortations to be innovative, without being told how, this is the book for you. If you and your company sincerely practise these steps there is no doubt that you will become more successful and will be on the way to becoming an Innovation Star.