52 Ways To Enhance A Positive Field

  1. Light a fragrant agarbathi or use an aroma therapy diffuser. 
  2. Open all the windows and let in the sunlight. 
  3. Call a friend who really likes you and just bathe in the unconditional positive field of friendship. 
  4. Turn on your favorite music and let it pour over you and into your mind and heart. 
  5. Try to organize a car pool or transport van for team members. 
  6. Organize an outing with the team. 
  7. Organize a joint shopping expedition for a limited value. 
  8. Eating together during lunch, specially for weekly treat. 
  9. Have a well-decorated office. 
  10. Organize a movie screening. 
  11. Always encourage, do not discourage. 
  12. Say only good things. 
  13. Good music in the production area. 
  14. Clean atmosphere. Protection against dust and sound. 
  15. Plant a small plant. 
  16. Start a Humor Club, share a joke on the internet. 
  17. Share personal problems within the team. Love your team members. 
  18. To relieve stress, provide a counselor. 
  19. People should be congratulated for their achievements. 
  20. Share strengths and weakness. 
  21. Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. 
  22. Share interesting articles. 
  23. Start a book and magazine club. 
  24. Have a group and share a thought for the day. 
  25. Start with a prayer and play ‘Vandematharam’. 
  26. Appreciate talents. 
  27. Do not disturb when people are at their jobs. 
  28. Have potluck lunch, provide sweets and biscuits. 
  29. Meet in the recreation club. 
  30. Eliminate selfishness. 
  31. Create a friendly atmosphere. 
  32. Keep promises. 
  33. Make people time conscious. 
  34. Never use other people’s possessions without telling them. 
  35. Say Hi! to people and smile at them. 
  36. Respect others. 
  37. Mutual understanding. 
  38. Help the team member when they are in distress. 
  39. Keep things in right place. 
  40. Everyone should take responsibility and ownership. 
  41. Maintain open-mindness 
  42. Write a little about the father’s work to the kid. Say in writing, “We are proud of your father”. 
  43. Celebrate minor landmarks while achieving the goal. Celebrate life everyday. 
  44. Make watching a TV movie, an occasion – dress up, eat popcorn…………… 
  45. Plan an exciting weekend. 
  46. Learn a new skill – driving, dancing and gardening. 
  47. Take up a new hobby – carpentry, Tanjore painting, amateur radio. 
  48. Teach someone else’s child to spin a top, dunk a ball into the basket, ride a bike, make a speech. 
  49. Have a special greeting ceremony for team members’ achievements. 
  50. Keep in touch with team members who have retired or moved to other companies. 
  51. Help team members to have regular medical check ups for themselves and family members. 
  52. Have a Savings Fund to help team members get over emergency cash crunches.