Balance your life

A successful woman, today is expected to think like a computer, look like a woman and work like a dog. Is this too much to expect from one person? A recent study shows that 70% of double income families, especially if they have kids feel that work interferes with family life. At least 50% feel that they don’t spend enough time with family. Another survey reported that 82% of Indian women are stressed out.

Let us consider the responsibilities at home.
* Preparing food and drink
* Cleaning the house
* Getting clothes ready
* Shopping for food and necessities
* Managing a comfortable atmosphere
* Deciding the rules
* Preventing and dealing with conflict
* Indoor maintenance (plumbing, electrical and architectural)
* Outdoor maintenance (roof, lawn, plants, etc.)
* Automotive maintenance
* Household bills, checking and saving accounts, and personal financial investments
* Household services
n Entertaining and taking care of pets

Identify which members of the family can take charge of the activity. Remember the new man is the Raymond’s Man, who is allowed to change a baby with a smile or shed a tear. Reflect on which activities can be out sourced. Don’t try to do everything yourself.

Here is a table that you can use to share the tasks with different members of the family.
Today the family has gone nuclear and we all worry that the shock absorber is under attack. “It needs a village to bring up a child”, says an ancient proverb. We need to replace the lost village and the disappearing joint family, with a new network.

Build networks with in-laws, parents, neighbours, support staff, friends, local library, school, teachers, colleagues, and hobby centres health clinics.

Steps to develop work-life balance
* Love yourself enough to outsource
* Take short relaxation breaks, at least thrice a day.
* Eat fresh, energy-giving foods.
* Take a walk outdoors.
* Spend time reading
* Involve family members and children in your work. Bring them to the office during lunch break or on a Saturday.

Dr Rekha Shetty is the author of the bestseller The Happiness Quotient and Zero Heart Attack Path