Day 10 – Own a Problem

Dear Paricipants,


You can’t solve a problem on the same level that it was created. You have to rise above it to the next level. – Albert Einstein.


The ability to thrive in an environment of rapid change is essential. Prepare for change


Rule for Day 10 – Own a Problem


It is essential for every problem to have a problem owner (PO). It is this problem owner who will choose the solution that best suits his resources map. The PO is critical else the teams will not have the necessary momentum to reach the finish line and sidestep hurdles. A problem without an owner is like a baby without a mother.


The problem owner:

  • Own the issue
  • Describes it.
  • Directs the content of the meeting by:


–         contributing wishes and ideas,

–         selecting the avenues to explore,

–         paraphrasing ideas to check understanding before evaluating.


  • Evaluates constructively.
  • Decides when a solution has been reached.
  • Commits to the next action.


The problem owner is the captain of the solution team. He steers the discussion in the right direction.  He identifies the issue, describes it. He states the goals and describes the ideal situation. He encourages everyone who participates and supports nebulous new ideas. Evaluation and development of the final action plan are his territory.


They must be experts at instilling a positive field. If need be, handhold them as they meet. They should be willing to maintain logs and discuss obstacles. They must also be willing to be evaluated. Rewards will make them more effective.





Dr. Rekha Shetty