Chapter 1 – Communicate Verbally, Orally, Non-Verbally –Body, Mind and Soul!

Rohan’s dairy:

My father should be reading this how to communicate. You might have heard of people who call a spade a spade. My Dad called a spade a bloody shovel. He oozes aggression and more often than not, his fists speak. Now that I am old enough to stand up to him, he just rages.
He should read this. Why use an atom bomb to kill an ant? As Rags sms suggests, why not use verbal and tonal methods of communicating? The non-verbal is so powerful. They say 80% of everything is said without words. Ammu is so good at this. She just has to look at Tiger, for him to go into ecstasy at her feet. As for me………!!!. Dad has so much to learn from her. Provided they ever looking distance again, meet face to face? I wonder.
Yesterday Ammu and I went home. We just popped in through the back door into the kitchen, where my mom was making coffee. We gave her a real shock. I think, creeping in like that. She did the usual , cried a bit. Why do women cry so easily? Ammu is the same. Her eyes fill with tears so easily and it’s so difficult not to do exactly what she says. As a friend said, Feminine water power can always overcome masculine will power. We ate some unhealthy, delicious fried vadas and left.

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