What does tomorrow hold

For the little girl in her mother’s clothes?

For the wistful bride with brimming eyes,

Will it be like the

world of make – believe

Or be washed away

A rainbow bubble

in the kitchen sink?

That tomorrow may be bright

I seek

The martyrdom of lonely battle fields

Today, the earth

will be wet with my sweat

As I breathe life into common clay

So that my son will ride

Into the future

With the light in his eyes

When tomorrow seems a dream,

I seek peace

In the liquid notes

Of the veena

As it flows into

The gold grandeur

Of a mirrored sunset

Or soars like a lonely bird

Over the cool smoothness

Of dreaming mosques

But in my heart

I know,

That if tomorrow be dark,

I can build from my pain

A masterpiece

Of broken dreams.

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