Moon Magic

Tonight, at moonrise

Stay awake with me

By a silent lake

Watching the quivering reflections

Of a thousand moons

And I, with ribbons of liquid light

Will weave for you a land of dreams

You will see through silvery light

A million seagulls put to flight.

And walk upon a burnished sea

Polished, gleaning, pearly free.

And the tender mist will touch you

And the gentle breeze caress you

Then we will track a falling star

And read its message from afar

Drowsily as you fall asleep,

Into a star lit slumber

Soft and deep,

Let us watch the lonely wake.

The fitful flitting fire flies keep

Close your eyes …

And listen to the wistful wind

Borne on wings through the silent night.

Close your eyes

Moondrops will fall upon your face

And the fragrance of the night

Will wrap about you soft and white

Sleep, my beloved, sleep.

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