Daleel – our mascot


I would like to introduce Arabian flying horse called Daleel as our mascot for the Dazzling Dubai Institute. He can give all information about the Institute. The name Daleel means ‘guide’ in Arabic.

Most horses were named by the breeder to maintain the purity of the breed. The name also helps to maintain distinct Arabian Desert names. Thus helping and maintaining the purity of the race. Daleel is bright fast, and has a great sense of humour.


Our Mascot Daleel can be used on t-shirts, on coasters, on all materials for the Dazzling Dubai Institute. There could also be a painting competition on Daleel. Paintings can then be sold in an auction. Daleel can be used like amul butter uses the little girl to comment on current events on hoardings. Daleel would be very useful for pre-institute publicity.

PS: Daleel can be photoshopped. He should look majestic and handsome.

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