Save The Blood Of Earth!

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‘Save the blood of earth!’ is the touching campaign by DGN Raja Gopalan, from Kuttrallam, RID 3212 the land of the medicinal waterfalls and the healing breeze. He has hands on experience cleaning lakes in his district.

Many lakes need just a little help to keep them clean. The local people living around the lake need to feel that a dirty lake can harm their children’s health.

I went to see the Chittlapakkam Lake in Tambaram. It had been cleaned just a couple of months ago. Already patches of water hyacinth were beginning to grow. Removing them now would be easy.  A few months later it would take a lot of more men, machines and money. On the far side, I can see a garbage dump. Bit by bit, the garbage is sliding into the lake. In the pristine water there are lot of plastic covers on the edges. There is a beautiful walking track and benches. It could be a beautiful recreational spot. Locals have asked for lights to be put up around the walking track. The Rotary Club of Tambaram is seeking support from 21 Rotary clubs to do this.

The point is, the lake is like your drawing room. You need to clean it and watch it every day. A little cleaning can prevent it from becoming a multi crore rupee health hazard. It is your lake, go look at it. Plant trees around it. Pick up some garbage. Talk to other walkers, see your local civic officers, tell them what’s happening. And you will have a beautiful lake attached to your home.


With best wishes and regards,

PDG Dr. Rekha Shetty



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